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The best way to contact us – phone or website: The main objective in our business is to treat our customers how we prefer to be treated.  We stand by what we offer – quality and authentic vintage collectibles.  Reproductions have no place in our shop! We are easily reachable via our website. Why Wait? Visit our Shop at  or Call Now! 718-463-1514.
Vintage Bakelite and More
A diversified collection of Vintage Bakelite jewelry, Vintage Bakelite kitchenware, Vintage Barware, and more vintage selections is what we have. We would be pleased to have you browse in our shop our selection of Vintage Bakelite jewelry, Vintage Bakelite kitchenware, Vintage Barware, and more. Everything old is new again!! We are keenly aware and watchful for changes in style, both for home and fashion.  Vintage  Bakelite Jewelry enhances and enriches current fashion trends.  Vintage kitchenware is extensively collected; scarcity is  always a threat.   Since collectors of vintage kitchenware, such as Bakelite flatware and other vintage kitchen collectibles  are always searching for addition to enhance their collection, we must continue to search and collect Vintage Bakelite  kitchenware for our customers.  There is always something new out there – but our job is to observe where Vintage is part of this “scene.”  There are many  trends and popular looks.  For example, Vintage Cowboy collectibles, vintage barware, vintage dishes, vintage and retro  curtains, lamps and bedspreads.  Women’s suits, jackets and coats always have styles and Vintage Bakelite Dress Clips   and Vintage Plastic can give any have vintage pizzazz.  Vintage textiles and trendy retro tablecloths enhance the vintage  look of a home.  We have even been called upon to supply production companies with authentic vintage items from our  shop.  Mission statement – goals/visions:  we have always envisioned our shop to be a “mini-mall” – never stagnant,  always offering new finds and ideas.  We believe in total customer service and have always made ourselves available.    We are a mother-daughter partnership.  We aim to offer you the best we can find at the most affordable prices.  Our  customer’s deserve only the best!  It has been over 40 years of casual collaboration.  We both loved anything vintage and antique.  We always had a love of all things Vintage Bakelite . Our homes and sense of style reflected it.  From then on, business ventures were what we did – shops and shows. 
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